Adjusting the Loudness in Your Live Stream

In a recent WirecastLive show, Andrew Haley our show host asked Mike Russell, Creative Director at Music Radio Creative and audio expert, “what is loudness?”

Mike explained that “loudness is the perceived volume of audio that the ear hears” and if it’s adjusted correctly, when someone views your live stream (and you are using the same loudness standard as everyone else) when they move on to the next live stream they won’t have to adjust their volume levels.

Before companies like Spotify created a standard of acceptance insisting that all music tracks cannot go above -14 LUFS (Loudness units relative to full scale), when you listened to music, you were probably adjusting the volume level as well. Remember listening to your CDs and having to constantly adjust the volume? Same with TV commercials always coming on louder than the TV show you’re watching. These were not adjusted to the same or a loudness standard.

Fortunately, now there are plugins for your audio hardware and programs that will analyze all your audio and help make the necessary adjustment to keep your tracks to a specific LUFS level.

To watch the full interview, please visit our WirecastLive show “ Creating Great Audio for Your Live Broadcast.”

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