4 Ways Telestream’s Media Distribution and Monetization Solutions Help Video Service Providers

Video service providers, telcos, and OTT streaming services face a monumental task. They must deliver an unprecedented amount of revenue-generating content to audiences that expect lightning-fast, flawlessly rendered experiences across every device. Telestream’s award-winning media distribution and monetization solutions offer end-to-end visibility and control over the most critical aspects of this workflow. This includes cloud-native media processing, quality monitoring, delivery, and monetization technology solutions. Learn how modern media organizations can streamline operations and ensure premium, monetized content is delivered as expected. 

#1: Streamlining Media Processing Workflows in the Cloud 

Modern organizations leverage a dynamic mix of cloud and on-premises systems and equipment to prepare content ahead of delivery. These tools and workflows can cover critical tasks such as:  

  • Transcoding: converting media from one format to another 
  • Quality Control (QC): ensuring media files are encoded, formatted, and delivered as intended, without errors 
  • Transcription: converting audio content into on-screen text captions or subtitles 

At the heart of our media distribution and monetization solutions lies a suite of scalable, feature-rich, cloud-native media processing solutions offered as microservices for transcoding, captioning, QC, and workflow monitoring. By leveraging these cloud-native tools, media organizations can produce content more quickly, at a higher quality, with less manual effort. All of this means you can optimize your operations, reduce costs, and deliver content to audiences faster than ever before. 

#2: Monitoring Video Quality from End to End with Ease 

Viewers’ expectations for higher-quality content experiences are not slowing down. Providing an exceptional Quality of Service (QoS) and Quality of Experience (QoE) is paramount in today’s competitive media landscape. These two concepts are very similar: ensuring the content is delivered and consumed without flaws. QoS is from the perspective of the service provider (i.e. the streaming service) and QoE is from the viewer’s perspective.   

Our media distribution and monetization solutions provide comprehensive video quality monitoring capabilities via centralized dashboards. This empowers you to identify and address any potential issues swiftly. With real-time insights and actionable data right at your fingertips, you can maintain high standards of video quality and drive greater viewer satisfaction and engagement. 

Read how this large cable TV provider leverages Telestream’s iQ solutions for video quality monitoring

#3: Validating SLA and Regulatory Compliance Quickly and Effortlessly 

Meeting video SLA requirements and adhering to regulatory compliance is essential for the ongoing success of any video service provider or telco. Whether these SLAs pertain to video delivery, advertising content, or other criteria imposed on content providers, Telestream’s media distribution and monetization solutions offer consolidated analytics and a single management interface for the entire video delivery chain.  

Now you can validate SLA commitments and ensure compliance with various regional or other specific regulations as needed. And by simplifying these processes and providing a “single pane of glass” view, organizations can deliver exceptional content experiences to audiences while reducing the risk of non-compliance. 

We recently published a two-part blog series on Video SLA and Regulatory Compliance, which can shed light on this side of the distribution workflow. Read part one here. It outlines how media organizations can meet these SLA and regulatory compliance challenges through the use of automated technology solutions. Part two can be found here. Learn how these regulations are constantly shifting and how to make sure you’re always keeping pace. 

#4: Automating DAI Monitoring for Reliable Revenue Generation 

We’ve covered the distribution side, but what about monetization? As more formats, devices, and delivery protocols are used in the industry, this crucial aspect of a content provider’s workflow is becoming increasingly complex. An advertising solution that can dynamically serve content based on intelligent workflow rules or pre-defined parameters will play a vital role in revenue generation.  

The end-to-end workflow orchestration and performance monitoring capabilities we provide enable video service providers and telcos to automate advertising ingest, preparation, and dynamic ad insertion (DAI) monitoring processes seamlessly. MVPD, SVOD, AVOD, and FAST services alike can leverage this to great effect. Telestream’s media distribution and monetization solutions optimize these advertising workflows to unlock new monetization opportunities and maximize revenue potential. 

How Telestream’s Media Distribution and Monetization Solutions Help Increase Revenue 

The industry demands more reliable and efficient solutions to navigate the complexities of media distribution and monetization. Telestream’s technology solutions offer comprehensive workflows and capabilities designed to help video service providers, telcos, and OTT streaming services deliver revenue-generating content experiences with confidence and ease. Our solutions help you to streamline workflows, ensure consistently high video quality, validate regulatory and SLA compliance, and automate advertising processes. 

Telestream equips you with the tools you need to thrive in this rapidly evolving digital landscape. Click here to discover how Telestream can empower your organization and unlock the full potential of your media operations. See why large video service and content providers like NBC, FOX, YouTube TV, and Prime Video, as well as telcos like Cox Communications, trust Telestream. 

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