Revolutionizing Cloud-Native Media Production, Supply Chain Management, and Distribution: Telestream at IBC 2023

In the current landscape, media organizations are undergoing a transformation. Beyond adopting the cloud, they’re fundamentally altering their operations. Through the use of cloud-native systems, workflows are being enhanced, amplifying all aspects of media production, supply chain management, and distribution.  

Our cloud service offerings empower today’s media visionaries – content owners, broadcasters, and video service providers – to create and deliver the highest quality content to any viewer. These intelligent, modern solutions will enable our customers to thrive by leveraging cutting-edge AI and machine learning-driven insights to empower more informed decision-making. 

At the heart of our IBC 2023 presence are our award-winning, best-in-class tools that leverage all the benefits of the cloud. These tools allow customers to produce and deliver content how and when they want to. Inside the IBC booth, you’ll find a combination of innovative cloud technology, AI-driven insights, and visual workflow solutions. These improvements go beyond traditional broadcasting and streaming, revolutionizing how content is delivered.  

Our solutions now sit across three key pillars: Media Production, Media Supply Chain Management, and Media Distribution

Media Production 

Our Media Production Solutions have been designed to meet the demands of today’s OTT landscape. They’re geared for sports and news broadcasters seeking top-notch live production, testing, and measurement tools. These tools are super versatile, working smoothly with SDI, IP, or hybrid production setups. 

The Inspect 2110 production network monitoring solution and the new PRISM MPP waveform monitoring solution for UHD post production workflows are real game changers, especially for remote and hybrid productions. Pair them up with Lightspeed Live Capture — our scalable multi-channel capture and ingest solution — and you’ve got yourself a dynamic combo that empowers live edit workflows for growing files through integrations with Avid and Adobe.  

Media Supply Chain Management 

Our Media Supply Chain Management solutions are tailored for pioneers in the media industry. These specialized tools cater to content owners, broadcasters, and service providers. They offer exceptional processing capabilities and streamlined workflow automation. By automating tasks like captioning and quality control, we are redefining industry standards for media supply chain efficiency.  

Leading the way with media processing and workflow orchestration is Vantage. This solution automates critical processes and ensures media is available and optimized at every stage of the supply chain. For all the media pioneers out there, this provides best-in-class processing, seamless workflow automation, automatic captioning, and top-notch quality control. 

Vantage Cloud (formerly Cloud Port), Timed Text Speech, and Qualify facilitate multiple capabilities. This includes transcoding, processing advanced codecs, transcribing speech to text, supporting diverse caption and subtitle formats, and automating QC workflows to ensure broadcast-ready content is prepared, managed, and delivered with unwavering quality.  

Our advanced content management solution, Content Conductor, empowers broadcasters and content providers to flexibly manage, store, and access their high-value assets. Media organizations with large content libraries will benefit from the ability to easily migrate content to their preferred storage system through a unified interface. This allows for activating and managing media across any on-prem, cloud, or hybrid storage system. Built on the incredibly powerful and stable DIVA Core, Content Conductor is for all organizations handling vast amounts of data and considering transitioning their assets to the cloud.  

Media Distribution 

The floor demos that focus on our Media Distribution solutions utilize cloud-native architecture for improved scalability and efficiency. These solutions encompass cloud VOD processing, file-based transcoding, QC services, and video quality monitoring for comprehensive visibility and control.  

Leading the way is Vantage Gateway (formerly, our cloud-native file-based transcoding and QC solution. Vantage Gateway allows users to move processing to the cloud and control their orchestration earlier in the video supply chain. It covers a wide range of editing and post production workflows, providing a single API for transcoding and quality control. It seamlessly integrates with Qualify for automated QC workflows and is available in three deployment options: SaaS multi-tenant, SaaS single-tenant, and SaaS with customer VPC.   

Additionally, we’re excited to present our video quality monitoring solutions, Inspector, Sentry, and Surveyor. These virtual probes are designed to meet the quality assurance requirements of streaming services and video providers across all the formats that modern content providers must support, at various stages in media contribution and distribution. ARGUS sits on top as a centralized management layer, offering content and service providers powerful end-to-end monitoring across all monitoring points in the media delivery chain. 

Telestream’s Cloud-Native Solutions at IBC 2023 

From comprehensive content management to the orchestration of cloud operations, Telestream’s IBC 2023 presence is a testament to our mission of driving continuous evolution in the broadcast and media ecosystem. Don’t miss your chance to see these innovative, new solutions in person at IBC 2023! 

We can’t wait to see you at IBC 2023. 

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